Jan 04 2009


Upper Tampa Bay Trail

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. It was like 75 degrees with clear blue skies. Perfect!!!! We headed South first and took a picture at the South End. Then headed North and many made it to the North end and back. Dee indicated it was 14.5 miles. Snowbirds Vickie & Tim joined us. Mark joined us. New bladers Jim B and Andy joined us. Brian and Linda joined us. Welcome new and absentee bladers. It was nice to start off 2009 with 29 bladers. The most ever for the first skate of the year. Kyle renewed her Sponsorship on Xmas Eve. Jeff W. renewed his Sponsorship at the Monday Formal Skate. Mark Z renewed his Sponsorship today. Thanks bladers for supporting our Web Site. I passed out my proposed skating locations for 2009. Will email everyone a copy. It is always good to get many inputs as it is easy to miss a good blading location.

We Brunched at the Garden Grille as planned. Somehow we arrived at their busiest time and they didn't even have a reserved table for us which they have always had before. However every one got seat in just a few minutes but at 6 different tables. The waitresses gave us good service but it took a long time to get ones food. I had the honor of being served last. I didn't get my food until one hour after being seated. If it wasn't for the good company, I certainly would have been a little upset. Our waitress felt sorry for us and gave us a free fruit cup to help endure the wait. Janice rated her Brunch a 10. Rob rated his a 9. We'll be nice and give them a 9.2.

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