Jan 25th 2009

J.B. Starkey Wilderness Park

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. It was sunny and warm. Almost every one skated to the Suncoast Parkway and back. Dee indicated it was 13 miles. Patricia B. joined us for the first time. Welcome Patricia. Stan brought his son, Austin. Welcome Austin. Bruce was back from skiing but was wearing this black brace on his left leg and didn't skate. Only an MRI well tell if he has a torn ACL. Both Ken's and John returned in good shape. It was good to see John again. Terry Barton renewed his Sponsorship. Thanks for supporting our web site Terry.

We Brunched at Christo's as planned. They had a table for 14 waiting for us when we got there. They served us lots of coffee but it took 55 minutes to get our food. We had mixed reports on the food quality. Rob rated his Brunch just an 8. Terry, Jeff and Bruce rated their Brunch a 9. We didn't get out of there for 1 hour and 15 minutes. We'll give them an overall 8.5.

Thanks go out to Mike and Dee for doing last weeks picture and report.

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