April 19th 2009

North Shore Dr & 12th Ave NE., Downtown St. Pete

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. Dorey Anne and myself spent Saturday mapping out a 10 mile blade in Snell Isle and Venetian Isle. Of course we kept to the main roads. Sunday, Jeff B. led us on a similar route but much more scenic and with a different way back. I really think he just wanted to keep us lost as usual. We made stops at Kim & Joel's, Ken M's and at Monika's. Kim & Joel came out and socialized with us. Ken's truck wasn't there so we didn't even ring his door bell. We couldn't wake up Monika. Pete's girl friend Sue joined us for the first time. Terry joined us for the first time. Absentees Bob, Lisa, Willi and Brian joined us again. Welcome all. Dee indicated we did 11.5 miles.

We Brunched at Munch's as planned. Linda joined Brian and the group for Brunch. Deb B. never got to eat Brunch. An xpedition backed into her in Munch's parking lot. Rob H. also skipped Brunch to help her out. We sat at three different tables in Munch's as usual. Service was good and the food like wise. Motorcycle Rob and several others rated their Brunch a 9. Poor Deb. was still in the parking lot working the accident after Brunch..

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