May 3rd 2009

Upper Tampa Bay Trail

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. We decided to do both the South and North sections. We headed South first. Many did the whole 14 miles but several did shorter skates. We had a bicyclist, Dorey Anne recovering from a crash yesterday night. She probably should have stayed home as she crashed again and I had to take her straight home and put ice packs on her arm and shoulder. I think she will be OK but is missing some skin and will be hurting for a while. We had two Bike & Barge bicyclists, Marsha and Stokes join us. Two snowbirds, Kathy and Carl from Colorado joined us. Sara joined us. Welcome first timers. Absentee bladers Herman, Mary B and Lisa S joined us. Welcome back skaters. Charles and Karen P came and supplied info on there musical presentation this afternoon. Charles took the picture. Thanks Charles.

We Brunched at the Garden Grille as planned. Rob rated his Brunch a 9 and heard there were other good comments. No Brunch pictures today as I had to take Dorey Anne home in the middle of the skate.

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