May 10th 2009

Clearwater Beach, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY !!

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. We did our normal Clearwater Beach skate routine. We almost had to leave Deb B at the top of the Clearwater Bridge. She had not done the Clearwater Bridge before. After she got to the top and looked down, she had second thoughts. She said she almost wore her break out coming down. We almost lost a couple of skaters to the beach as we cruised along Clearwater Beach. It looked like a perfect day for the beach. Charles arrived late and missed the group picture. Dee indicated we did 11 miles. Theresa and Suzanne joined us after an absence. Tyler joined us again. Welcome.

We Brunched at George Boy Restaurant as planned. They were packed and we were lucky they gave us reservations. At least we got to sit while waiting to be serviced. It took an hour to get our food. At least the food was very good. Rob and several others gave them a 9 for Brunch.

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