July 5th 2009

Taylor Park

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. We voted and decided to do the Trail North. Roy led us off to go to the Trail at the South end of the Park and somehow just kept going in the park to the exit to the back streets. We lost some communications somewhere. We had a couple of slower skaters so we had to make frequent catch up stops but this was ok as it was pretty humid. We had quite a few absent skaters: Joe & Mary Beth, Bob & Lisa, Willi, Deb D., Karen S. & Paula Deb D brought a new skater, Kelly D. Welcome all. Roy indicated we did 9.3 miles. We had 4 bikers. Deb B missed the group picture.

We Brunched at the Savory Restaurant as planned. They wouldn't give me reservations over the phone. However Breeze & Laura joined us for Brunch and some how Breeze got them to reserve a table for 20. Thanks Breeze. With this big group our waitress was about to pull her hair out. She messed up a few Brunches and it took over an hour to get served and eat. However the food was wonderful as usual and worth waiting for. Rob rated his Brunch a 10. Deb D rated hers a 9.5. We'll give the Savory a 9.7.

HAPPY 4TH of JULY. Those of you that missed Chuck & Debbie's 4th of July cook out and kayaking to watch the Fire Works really missed a good time and beautiful fireworks. Their group picture and Collages to follow.

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