July 19th 2009

Main Street in Dunedin

It was a beautiful day in Paradise . . . for those who turned around before the rainstorm. Starting at Main Street in Dunedin were 17 on bikes (4) and blades (13). It didn’t take long before lightening and a few drops of rain threatened group. A few wise ones turned around early, staying dry. The rest of got drenched on the return trip. Distances varied: 5 miles for the dry group, 10.4 (Deb & Dee, the official mileage keeper) and the final group, turning around at Crystal Beach rolled approximately 12 miles.

Monica P. and Shannon E. joined us. It’s always good to see these skaters so “Thanks” Monica and Shannon for joining Sunday Blade today. Susan wore a cute, pink outfit, discussed over coffee at Iris Family Restaurant on Douglas Avenue in Dunedin. It was a new location for Sunday Bladers. Their video is on YouTube. If you want to check them out, it’s posted on http://www.irisfamilyrestaurant.com/.

We were seated at two tables seated immediately. The service was friendly, fast and efficient. Food ratings ranged from 8.0 to over 10. The highest rating came from Suzanne who had peanut butter pie. For Rob and most of the skaters, ratings ran from 8.5 – 9.5 so we’ll give them a 9.0 overall. Bruce usually includes prices, which averaged around $10 including tax and tip.

Dorey Anne and Bruce, we hope you are enjoying scuba diving in the Keys. We missed you of course and look forward to hearing about your underwater adventures. Bring home lots of fish.

A Big Thanks to Deb D. and Dee for the write up and the photos.

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