August 16th 2009

Pink Streets/Skyway Trail

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. It was blowing pretty good so we decided to do the Pink Streets. The storm just off shore caused us some concern but it was supposed to be going NNW. We crossed our fingers and headed for the Pink Streets. Absentee bladers Glennis, Andrea & Daisy, Ellen, Brian & Linda and Mats joined us. Welcome. Linda joined us while we were in the Pink Streets and missed the group picture. Somewhere around Bay Vista Park, Andrea got in the lead and took us down the Bike Trail on 4th Street all the way to the back of Munchs and Coquina Key. Dee and Roy agreed we went 11.5 miles. We had two bicyclists, Roy & Dorey Anne.

We Brunched at Skyway Jacks as Jeff's favorite restaurant, Munchs, was temporarily closed. We got in Skyway Jacks and seated at 3 tables after a short wait. We got our coffee cups filled often and the service was pretty good. Rob rated his Brunch a 9. I did hear some of the other Brunches were not quite that good. We got in and out in about an hour.

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