Sept 20th 2009

The Long Center

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. We took a great group picture at the Long Center but it was missing 4 people. Our picture at the Safety Harbor Fountain has everyone in it but is just ok in quality. We decided in advance to take the safety cut and miss one of the hills. Naturally a few brave soles did the hills anyway. We also decided not to take the Fairwood Ave Extension as it would add about 3 miles to the skate. As it was, Roy and Dee indicated we did 11 Miles. Absentee skaters Willi, Karen S., and Herb joined us. Welcome back. Everyone brought some extra cash and 13 people renewed their Sponsorship and 2 new people joined. Thanks go out to Janice, Joseph & ary-Beth W, Sherrie & Peter, Tyler, Steve G., Dee & Sam T., Michale E., Bill B., Karen S., Roy H., Deb B., and Rob H. for renewing/becoming sponsors. We had 6 bicyclists today. Unfortunately Janice had a flat tire.

We Brunched at the Sunset Grill as planned. All sat at the same table made into an "L". We got plenty of coffee and the restaurant was almost too cool. We got in and out within an hour. Dee only rated has Brunch an 8.5. Our end of the table had several 9's. We'll give the Sunset Grill an 8.7. Tyler gave the Brunch location better attention and made it to Brunch this Sunday.

Our Snowbirds are getting ready to come back to Florida. Gerald indicated he will be here soon. Edward McEntee said he just got a knee replacement but is looking forward to joining us on a bicycle in October. Also Renee will be in town the weekend of 27 Sept.

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