Nov 15th 2009


Walmart, Subway -- 20 Mile Skate

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. The weather was almost perfect with the exception of a little wind out of the NE. This was okay on the way to Demens Landing but was a little bit of a challenge on the way back. We had a new bicycler, Sherry P. Kim & Tom D and Kim F joined us after an absence. Welcome all. We had 3 bicyclists. The average of Vivian and Dee's reported GPS distance was 20.15 miles. Of the 24 people, 17 managed the whole distance. It was a good practice run for next week's 2009 Pinellas Trail Skate. I hope the weather for the Trail Skate will be just as good as it was today.

We Brunched at Doe Does as planned. However the group that turned around early were finished eating by the time the rest of us arrived. Missed a Brunch picture of that group. Rob's wife Amie and son came and ate Brunch with us. Rob reported his Brunch was a 9 which seemed to be in agreement with many others. Some how Jeff B didn't make it to Brunch. You missed it Jeff.

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