Nov 29th 2009


Boca Ciega Millennium Park

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. It was 50 degrees F early this AM but by 9 AM it was around 60 which was just about right for tee shirt skating. We decided to head to the beach from the park. At the beach we headed South to the Sweet Sage Cafe and then returned. The average of Roy's and Dee's distance inputs was 11 miles. We had 3 bicyclists. Three people missed the group picture. Absentee bicycler Dorey Anne came. Visitors Brenda C and Bruce's son Steve came. Welcome all. Since last Sunday Alan B, Ken L, Leo F, Mark Z and Rob H renewed their Sponsorship. Thanks for the support skaters.

We Brunched at the Sweet Sage Cafe instead of Mama's Kitchen as planned. The Sweet Sage Cafe had a beautiful and pleasant outside dining area which we used. They had us set up at 3 tables. All the people attending to us were very pleasant and helpful. However the Brunch ratings ranged from 7 to 9. Rob rated his an 8.5.

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