Dec 6th 2009


North Shore Dr NE Downtown St. Pete

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. was a little cool at 50 degrees. Oh yes and the wind was blowing out of the North at a pretty good clip. We did the Pier first, then headed for Coffee Pot Bayou and then did the regular short Snell Island skate. Steve saw a Manatee in Coffee Pot Bayou but the Manatee alluded the rest of us. Absentee skaters Glennis & Marina joined us. Pete brought Sherrie. Welcome all. We had no one to give us the millage but we did something like 10 miles in the 70 minutes we skated. Rob Grunner renewed his Sponsorship on Thursday and Glennis renewed her Sponsorship today. Thanks for the support Rob and Glennis.

We Brunched at Munchs as planned. We all got to sit at one big table. I had to leave early but I'm sure the Brunch was good as usual at Munchs. It's ashame Jeff wasn't in town.

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