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Clearwater Beach

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. However we did have a SE wind of 10-15 mph which made going South and East a little more of a challenge. Good thing it wasn't blowing this hard for the Saturday Trail Skate. We had 13 out of town people skate with us today. Too many people for me to remember all their names. We had a few late arrivals and a couple of others that didn't make the group picture. The rebuilding of the Trail on the South side of Hwy 60 has been completed and it was wonderful skating on. Dee indicated we did 11 miles. We had 4 bicyclists. Andrea W. and Diane L renewed their Sponsorship on Friday. Thanks girls for the support.

We Brunched at Georgie Boys Restaurant as planned. They set up two adjacent tables for us and had them ready when we arrived. Service was pretty good. Rob rated his Brunch a 9.5 and others agreed.

Had a busy week with the 2009 Pinellas Trail Skate. We had 30 people on Thursday Night and about the same on Friday. Close to 70 people attended the Bill Jackson Social. About 80 people did the Pinellas Trail Skate. Everything went perfect for the events except the wind was suppose to be out of the N NE instead of E SE like it was. Thank goodness it didn't rain on us this Sunday as predicted. Many pictures will get published of the 2009 Pinellas Trail Skate after we recover from having so much fun.

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