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There is no fee for Blading/Bicycling with the Sunday Bladers. This also applies to the Monday and Thursday Night Blading/Bicycling. All are welcome to Blade/Bicycle with us. Sunday schedules are posted on the Schedule page. Monday and Thursday Night Blading/Bicycling are posted on the What’s Up page.

Bladers/Bicyclers who wish to be on the e-mail list must become Sponsors of the website. The need for this requirement is to maintain sufficient funding to continue to have an informative, full coverage, and up to date website. Cost for website sponsorship is $10 per calendar year. Payment of the $10 is due on January 1 and delinquent on February 1 each year. Payments are also accepted any time during the year for new and previous Sponsors. However names of Sponsors not paid by February 1 are removed from the e-mail list and sponsors page. Payment is to be made to the designated E-mail List Coordinator. Payments made on or after October 1 of the current year are valid through the next calendar year.

Sponsorship of the website includes having a picture, name, and caption on the website sponsors page. Couples both having sponsorship may have a couples picture or individual pictures. Pictures and captions are optional but highly recommended as they help to have everyone become familiar with their fellow bladers/bicyclers. Names below the sponsor's picture are listed as the sponsor's desired name with the initial of their last name.

E-mails are sent out each Wednesday, Sunday, and for special events. The Wednesday e-mail is a reminder of the next Sunday's Blade/Bicycle event as well as other relevant information. The Sunday e-mail provides a group picture and write up of the event/brunch. Special event e-mails are sent out as needed. No e-mail will include items for sale except blading/bicycling items. No e-mails will be sent out for events that do not include all sponsors.

The e-mail List is not available to anyone but the designated Sunday Blader E-mail List Coordinator. Bruce M. is the present E-mail List Coordinator. Dee T. is the presently designated assistant E-mail List Coordinator. People referenced in e-mails are referred to by sponsor name only: desired name and initial of last name. Any one requesting another sponsor's e-mail address can make a request to the designated E-mail List Coordinator. The E-mail List Coordinator will e-mail the requested person of the request. No e-mail addresses or phone numbers are given out directly. Click to e-mail the Email List Coordinator.

Existing Sponsors having a Sunday Brunch or having a special event for sponsors will get free sponsorship if requested for the next year. The present and former Website Managers will receive free sponsorship. The founders of the Sunday Bladers, Lou & Saray, will receive free sponsorship. Specially recognized deceased Sunday Bladers/Bicyclers will be remembered with special Dedication Pages referenced from the website sponsors page.


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