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Wall Springs Park

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. sort of reminded me of a nice day while snow skiing. My thermometer indicated 38 degrees. We skated North to Tarpon Springs. We got split up into at least 3 groups. We had 6 bicyclists. It was pretty cold riding a bicycle. I forgot to ask Roy how far the group that went to the trail end did but I'm guessing 11 miles. Dee said us frozen wimps that turned around early did 10 miles. We had lots of new faces: Angie M, Melissa C, Parker M and Melissa K. Brian K returned from up North. Mike Moore & Wendy came again. Teresa joined us. Welcome all !!!! Tressa missed the group picture. Well, I think it was Teresa as it is hard to tell who every one is with all that extra clothing on.

Jeff insisted we eat at Emily's Restaurant. Emily's wouldn't take a reservation so we ate at 4 different tables. However we got in and seated quickly. We ended up with 24 people at Brunch. Janice, Jeanine, Tressa's husband (Chris) and Tim & Vickie joined us for Brunch. Someone not to be named, mumbled something about us crazy people roller blading in the cold weather but they still loved us and joined us for Brunch. Our Brunch rater, Rob, was missing again so Steve G rated Brunch for us. He rated his Brunch a 9+. I would have to agree.

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