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Pink Streets/Skyway Bridge Trail


Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. could have been a little warmer. The skate started off at 43 degrees and ended up at 49 degrees. At least it warmed up some. We thought about doing the Skyway Access Trail but thinking about the cold wind that would be blowing out there, we decided to do the Pink Streets. Absentee skaters Brian K., Parker and Glennis came. Welcome back. Andrea lead the way to and through the Pink Streets. We got to see places we had never seen before. After the Pink Streets and when we got through Bahama Shores a group decided to turn back. This group did 11 miles per Dee. The others continued on and ended up doing 15 miles as indicated by Dee. The group that turned back early stopped to see Linda S. and how her house renovation was coming along. The whole down stairs was being redone including the moving of walls etc. The center place of the down stairs was now a large size kitchen. Can you imagine that?

We Brunched at Munch's as planned. Munch's was very busy but we got seated in about 5 minutes or so. Our table all had Jeff's favorite dish, the Smoked Sausage. Naturally Jeff rated it a 9.5. It was pretty good. Leanne, Andrea's daughter joined us for Brunch. Welcome Leanne. The name of the day was "Debbie" and our Debbie got her Brunch for free. We all also got some cake as Munch's Debbie had worked there 15 years.


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