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John Chesnut Sr. Park

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. Several of us bladed in tee shirts today. It was a little cool in the shade but great in the sun. We did our normal John Chesnut route. Some skated a little extra and did 17 miles. Most did the normal route of 14 miles. Some did a shortened version of 10 miles. We got a nice man walking his dog to take our group picture but I had to hold the dog for the group pictures as the dog was moving around too much for holding the camera. Absentees Glenn, Sandy and Glennis came. Welcome back. We had 3 bicyclists. Our group was pretty small today as many regulars were doing the Squiggly Classic skate.

We Brunched at Eve's as planned. Eve's was busy as usual but we got seated immediately at one big table with our reservation. Rob rated his Brunch a 9. Several others agreed. We got in and out within an hour.

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