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Wall Springs Park

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. The sky was over cast but the weather man had said it wouldn't rain until the afternoon. The temperature was in the 70s and was perfect for blading. We had a good turn out. A new blader, Tony, joined us. Absentees Jenna, Suzanne, Vickie, Gerald and Teresa joined us. Welcome all. We bladed in three basic groups. The fast group did 13.5 miles per Roy. The middle group did 11.5 miles per Dee. The third group went around 11 miles. The wind was pretty strong out of the east south east. Going North and South was fine. You had to work a little harder going East. We had two bicyclists.

We Brunched at Emily's as planned. They were very busy and I under estimated how many people were going and Chris and Tim joined us at Emily's. The last 4 bladers (Glenn, Sandy, Gerald and Suzanne) arriving faced a long wait so they went to Danny Kays where James joined them. Suzanne reported the food at Danny Kays was good and the conversations great. The waitress's at Emily's kept our coffee cups full and the food was excellent. Rob rated his Brunch a 9 and we had several 9.5's Well give Emily's a 9.3.

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