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Jeff's Denver Park Blade - Brunch by Jeff and Darlene

Another beautiful day in Paradise. It was pretty overcast when we started but it never even sprinkled. Deb B. missed the group picture. Jeff led us on a nice easy complex route through the area around Denver Park. It reminded me of New York, totally lost the whole time. We stopped by to see Good Ken. He came out and talked with us. Absentees Tyler, Vivian, Josh, Jenna and Paula joined us. Rob's Amy came. Ginnie came again. Welcome all. Roy reported we did 10 miles. That was a pretty relaxed pace as it took us about 80 minutes. We had a minor incident: Mike M lost his left nut (off his skate). We had 6 bicyclists.

Brunch was at Jeff and Darlene's house. Darlene had a big table packed with delicious food. Darlene had the help of Monika and Kim. Joel and Iara joined us for Brunch. Well..... Iara toured Pinellas County on her way to Jeff & Darlene's and got there pretty late. We all got to enjoy Jeff's redoing of his back yard. He had added a lot of pavers and a canopy. It was a perfect day to sit outside. We had a wonderful time and everyone went away stuffed and smiling. Thanks again Jeff, Darlene, Monika and Kim.

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