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Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. We had a few dark clouds overhead which helped as it was pretty hot. Our hot-humid summer weather is just around the corner. We did the usual Pass-a-Grille route but had some complaints about the pot holes in the area around the Don. Will have to adjust the route next time. Absentee bicycler's Brian, Parker, Beverly, Martha, Ginnie, Jenna and Berry came. C Rob, Glennis, Andrea and Daisy came. Welcome all. We had 7 bicyclists total. Maybe we should change our name to the "Bike & Bladers". Dee reported we did 8.2 miles. Pass-a-Grille was packed and 8th Ave was full. Unfortunately we had to feed the parking meter station today.

We Brunched at Skidder's as planned. We didn't get a very big turn out for Skidder's as Skidder's is usually just so so. However today they were ready for us and we got seated within a few minutes. They had expanded the car parking area so parking was easy. The service was fast and the coffee flowed. Rob rated his Brunch a 9 and all agreed. We will have to raise Skidders up a notch on our chart.

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