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Pink Streets/Skyway Access Trail - Brunch by Linda & Brian

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. It was a pretty nice day with only a light wind out of the SE. We thought about doing the Skyway Access Trail but the Misener Marine bridge would have been too difficult for many. We did the Pink Streets instead to show everyone where Linda and Brian lived. Today we had the most people (29) and the most bicyclers (11) we've had so far this year. Karen B came late and missed the group picture. Andrea's husband Stewart just happened by and we got him to take our group picture. Thanks Stewart. We had several new skaters/bicyclers: Barbara M, Mary M, Ray G and Kelly Wendy's daughter. Absentees Brian and Rob H came. Welcome all. Karen B became a Sponsor today. Thanks Karen. Dee reported we did 10.5 miles.

We Brunched at Linda and Brian's as planned. Linda stayed home and slaved away preparing Brunch for us. Thanks Linda. Linda and Brian's remodeled home looked beautiful and spacious. We all easily fit in and had plenty of room to roam around. Wasn't there a wall here before? Brunch was delicious, there was plenty of it and Linda had some champagne to go with several drinks. Thanks again Linda and Brian for having Brunch and sharing your remodeled home with us.

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