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Upper Tampa Bay Trail

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. As best I can tell only 3 people forget we rolled out at 8:30 AM today. Two made the skate and one didn't. We went South first so as to try and catch anyone coming late. Absentees Mary B, Juanita, Joseph, Mary Beth and John came. Barbara, Kelly and Ray G. came again. Welcome all. It was a very humid day and fortunately it was overcast so as not to be too hot. Dee indicated some people turned around at the bridge to do 11 miles and others made it to the end to do 15 miles. We had 5 bicyclists. Unfortunately this big sign was posted in the parking area and indicated we all should pay $2 to park. Some people didn't notice it and didn't have that paid receipt inside their windshields but don't believe any one got a ticket. Several other free parking options are available which we shall investigate. Deb B, Charles and Sarah P missed the group picture.

We Brunched at the Garden Grille as planned. Somehow we had 27 people show up for Brunch and therefore we ended up at 5 tables. We all got in and seated right away. Today the Garden Grille staff was all discombobulated. A couple of tables were just getting served as others were done eating. Our table got in and out within a hour so that's not too bad. Several people commented their Brunch was a 9.5 but others were mumbling. We'll give them a 9.0 for today. Several people joined us for Brunch that didn't skate: Josh and his mother Diane, Lisa S (it was good to see Lisa's smiling face again) and Charlotte R. Welcome all.

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