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9th St & 2nd Ave S. St. Petersburg

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. It was a really nice day if you kept moving. Of course we had to take our group picture with the Dome as the back ground. Kyle and Mike missed the group picture. There was a Ray's game at 1 PM so we didn't want to do down town St. Pete. We decided to skate West on the Trail to Pasadena Ave and back. Naturally we had to stop on the new bridge over 34th St and take a picture. Pretty nice bridge as bridges go. Roy and Tom indicated we went 11 + miles. Absentees Ginny, Rick, Tom, Kim D, Karen B, Beverly, Alisa, Rob Hunter and Kelly came. New people Henry and Mike came. Welcome all. We had 11 bicyclists. Fortunately only two people (that we know of) went to Albert Whitted Park. They called and we got them to the Dome.

We Brunched at Munch's as sort of planned. Munch's was not that busy but we over loaded them a bit and service was a little slow. We ended up at 5 tables. Kim D rated her Brunch a 9+ which seemed about right. "Coach" from Ferg's was also at Munch's. Took advantage of this and got Coach to agree to giving us a "Reserved Area" and Beer for $2 a glass after the 20 November Pinellas Trail Skate this year. Of course this has to be finalized next Thursday when our event hopefully will get officially logged into Ferg's books.

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