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Upper Tampa Bay Trail

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. Absentees Karen B, Janice, Mike ?, Herb and Herb's friend Rita, Mike W, Brenda and Wendy's husband David came. Welcome all. David took the group picture and the biggest of the two Mikes missed the group picture. Since the Northern part of the Trail is the shadiest, we headed North first. People that turned around at the Bridge did 8 miles. People that went to the North end did 12 miles and those that also did the South end did 14 miles (or something close to that). Tampa Bay Water had people passing out flyer's reminding people that a section of the trail will be closed from Aug. 30 to Oct. 29. We had 8 bicyclists.

We Brunched at the Garden Grille as planned. We got right in and sat at 3 tables. Service was pretty good. Coffee flowed freely. Rob rated his Brunch a 9. We got in and out within an hour.

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