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Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. After some discussion, we decided to do our regular Snell Island skate. We had several new people come to the skate: George B, Carlos and wife Claudia and Henry. Carlos, Claudia and Henry are usually Monday Night skaters/bicyclers. Absentee skaters/bicyclers Ginny, Chris, Dave and Deb B came. Welcome all. We went in basically two groups but stopping on the Snell Isle bridge for the group picture. Well, we almost all did as Tyler was missing from the group picture. We turned around at Kim & Joel's house. Naturally we had to get Kim and Joel to come out and say hello to every one. Some how the two groups got separated on the way back but we all made it back. Dee indicated we all basically did 10 miles. September being here again, we had 7 people sign up to become Sponsors for the 2010-2011 year. Thanks go to Ken B, Tom H, Linda M, Tyler G, Dee T, Sam T and Rob H.

We tried Brunching at Munch's but to our dismay Munch's was closed for vacation. We decided to try the other side of town and go to Harvey's. Thank goodness Harvey's was open. We all got seated at a long table we made from several tables. Service was pretty good and the coffee cups got refilled often. Rob rated his Brunch a 9.

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