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Pink Streets/Skyway Access Trail

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. It was such a perfect day, we decided to do the Skyway Access Trail instead of the Pink Streets. We had quite a few that hadn't done the Skyway Access Trail before and many more that had not done it in a long time. We had to caution a few to be careful coming down the steep Misener Marine Bridge. Absentee bladers/bicyclers Brian & Linda, Dennis & Ellen, Deb B. and Paula came. New blader Doug W. came. Welcome all. We had a group go to the Blackthorn Memorial and a few more go on to the Fishing Pier. Those that went to the Blackthorn Memorial did 8.25 miles and those to the Fishing Pier did 9.75 miles. We had 7 bicyclists. Since last Sunday; we've had Glenn, Sandy, Linda S, Brian C and Steve G renew their Sponsorships. Thanks for the web site support you all.

Jeff B wasn't with us, so we Brunched at Skyway Jacks. Skyway Jacks was pretty crowded but we got right in and seated. We did have to sit at 5 different tables though. Service was good and so was the food. Rob rated his Brunch a 9. He must not have had one of the Corn Muffins which were to die for.

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