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Lake Seminole Park

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. We did 3 laps (6 miles) around Lake Seminole Park Trail and stopped to see if we should continue inside the park or go outside to finish. After some discussion, we decided to enjoy the nice and smooth Lake Seminole Park Trail. We also discussed where to eat Brunch. We picked Mamas Kitchen. Absentee skaters/bicyclers Paula, Jenna, Ken B, Kim F, Kim D, and Tom D came. Welcome Back. Most every one did 5 laps or ten miles. Paula had new wheels, looked good and did the 10 miles. Note Willies old skates (in the picture) with small (78mm) wheels. She started mumbling like stopping after 4 laps but we made her do the 5 laps. It felt so good. We had 6 bicyclers. Gerald and friend Suzanne met us at Lake Seminole on their motorcycles. They will be here for a about a week. Gerald renewed his Sponsorship. Thanks for the support Gerald.

While we were still rolling, Mamas Kitchen called and indicated they would be too full and couldn't honor our reservation. We had two suggestions for an alternate: Jessie's and Willow's Diner. We ended up going to Willow's Dinner. Willow's was not a very big place but we got seated fairly quickly at 6 tables. Service was pretty good. We got in and out within an hour. Rob only rated his Brunch an 8.5 but my table all rated their Brunch a 9+.


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