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Curlew - Brunch by Suzanne

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. The Weather kept us guessing today. The skies were clear but the ground was wet like it had rained sometime in the night. The wind was blowing about 15-20 mph out of the South. It appeared best to do Honeymoon Island and then head to Main St. and back. Absentee skaters/bicyclers Jeannine & Howard, Rob H and Kyle skated/bicycled. New skater Mike M came. Welcome all. The wind presented a challenge and some skaters just did the Honeymoon Island part which Dee indicated was 5 miles. Many others braved the wind and did Main Street and back. They managed 10.3 miles. We had 6 bicyclists.

We Brunched at Suzanne's condo as planned. We have to rename the Brunch from Suzanne's Brunch to Suzanne's and James's Brunch as James's contribution to the Brunch was considerable. Suzanne and James also had other helpers: Claudia, Peter, Sherrie and Willie. As always there was enough food to feed about 60 people but there was about 40 people there. Delicious food was every where and the Doe Boys magically appeared as usual. We feasted and feasted and feasted some more. Most of us will have to skip a few meals to keep from bursting. Finally we managed to stop feasting (but with a little mumbling) and took a group picture. Thanks Suzanne and James for another wonder Brunch.


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