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Tarpon Old Train Station

Another Beautiful day in Paradise if you were in Portland Oregon. It was misting on our car windows as we all drove to Tarpon Springs at the Old Train Station. It was 55 degrees and as we talked about the holidays in the parking lot, the mist stopped. We decided it was a little too wet on the Trail so we decided to eat Breakfast and then skate/bicycle. After Breakfast, the mist was back and it had gotten colder and was down to 52 degrees. Forget about skating/bicycling and let's go to the Flea Market. It was a small but nice Flea Market. At the Flea Market we discovered a Cool Mural and had to take a small group picture in front of it. Dee indicated we skated Zero Miles and all the bicycles stayed on their owners cars.

We had Breakfast at Danny Kay's instead of the Brunch as planned. We got right in and the 16 of us got seated at two tables. Service was pretty good. The only question for some of us was whether to have the Ultimate Omelet or not. Several of us did. The Ultimate Omelet was a 9.5 and all the rest of the selections were at least a 9.


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