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Boca Ciega Millennium Park

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise if you don't mind a little rain and 20 mph winds. As we gathered waiting for everyone and 9 AM, we joked about skating in the winds and rain. About 8:45 AM it cleared up pretty good but fortunately by 9 AM it started sprinkling again and we all agreed, we definitely couldn't skate in the rain. Off to Doe Does we went. On the way Dee took a picture of my car through his windshield of the rain. This was our 7th rained out Sunday this year.

Deb D. called ahead to Doe Does and they had a nice big table set up for all of us and we got right in and seated. We had good service and great food. I didn't even ask Rob for the rating as I knew it would be a 9.5.


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