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Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. At 8:30 AM it was a little nippy. All the free parking places on 8th Ave were gone by 8:45 AM. By the end of the skate it was very nice outside and one was ready to shed some clothes. Absentee bicycler Karen B came and new skater Inessa K came. Welcome ladies. New skater Mike M has scheduled a Brunch at his condo on Clearwater Beach in March. Thanks Mike. Naturally we had to take a picture on the bridge to Vina Del Mar. with the Don in the background. There were a lot of cars on the road today and a construction problem at the boat ram by the Don. This kept us from doing the island by the Don. Dee indicated we only did 7.5 miles. Seven bicyclers came with us. We had three people become first time. Sponsors today: Mike M, Henry C and Inessa K. Thanks skaters for the web site support.

We Brunched at Skidders as planned. Skidders was very busy but worked us in at a table that once was on the porch but is now fully enclosed and part of the restaurant. They had to add tables to our already long table to get everyone seated. Skidders worked hard to get us all in. Even working us in while they were so busy they got us in and out within an hour. Had to take pictures of each side of our long table. Got one report of a 9 and one by Rob of 9.5. We'll give Skidders a 9.3.


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