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Upper Tampa Bay Trail

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. Thanks to the breeze and the sun the Trail had dried out. There were only a couple of little wet places. The breeze was out of the NE so going South at the beginning and the end was easy skating and bicycling. Absentees Glenn & Sandy, Sarah P, Charles, Terry & Brenda, Steve G, Sam T and Doug W came. Tim G came again. Welcome all. We basically skated/bicycled in 3 groups. The fast group did 14 miles and the slowest group did 10 miles. We had 3 bicyclists.

We Brunched at the Garden Grille as planned. The Garden Grille staff was a little helter-sclter today. We ended up at 2 tables of 4, 1 table of 3 and 1 table of 8. The 2 tables of 4 were served and ate before the other two tables got served. Most everyone got in and out with in an hour though. Rob rated his Brunch a 9.5.


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