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12th Ave NE & N Shore Dr.

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. It was in the 70's with a breeze out of the West. There were a few puddles left over from last nights rains but in general the streets were dry. We did a unique skate today. First we headed South to the Pier and passed by some foot races. Then we went North along the water to the Snell Island Bridge. We continued along Coffee Pot Blvd to Coffee Pot Park. From Coffee Pot Park we headed along the new wide side walk on 1st St to 51st Ave. N. at Shorecrest School. We turned around and headed back from Shorecrest School. This was a nice skate/bicycle except the skaters hated the red bumped strips they had put at each street crossing. Dee and Rick indicated we did 9.5 miles. Absentees Kim F, Wendy, Paula and Mark came. Welcome back. New skater (7 years old), Delaney came. We did see a turtle in Coffee Pot Bayou but no manatees. We had 6 bicyclists.

We Brunched at Harvey's as planned. We got right in and seated at a table. Monika, Sandy and Michael joined us for Brunch. Delaney entertained us by building creations with the coffee cream holders. The coffee flowed freely and we got in and out within an hour. People seemed to love or hate the food at Harvey's. Eggs Benedict and Eggs Sardou were popular. Ratings ranged from 10's down to 6's.


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