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Upper Tampa Bay Trail

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. We had a great day with a little breeze out of the NE. We decided to do the South Loop as well as the North Loop. New skater Tracy S joined us. Absentees Tawny, Deb B, Crazy Rob, Sam T, Janice and Barbara M joined us. Welcome all. We split into two basic groups, one that did the whole trail and one that turned around at Ehrlich Rd. The whole trailers did ~ 14 miles and Rick reported the Ehrlich Rd people did 12.5 miles. The shade on the North part of the trail was very nice. As most of us were heading back we past these two women headed North. They were Lisa and Mary B. They said they would meet us for Brunch.

We Brunched at the Garden Grille as planned. They got us right in and seated at 4 tables. Service was very fast for 3 of the tables but a little slow for the 4th. However all did get in and out within an hour. It was so good to see Mary B and Lisa again that Mary decided she should have a Brunch from Wall Springs in September. Our Brunch rater Rob was missing but we managed to come up with a rating of 9.3.


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