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Lake Seminole

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. There are not a lot of decisions to make at Lake Seminole. Basically it is how many 2 mile laps do you want to take around the beautiful and shady park. People took from 3 laps to 6 laps. Absentees John, Susan, Phil, Cindy, Pete, Jenna, Chris, Ginny and Nancy came. Russ came again and brought his wife who also did some blading. Welcome all. It was nice skating on the smooth and shady trail but the humidity was taking it's toll. We had 7 bicyclists. Bicyclists, Cindy, says she is ready to do some blading.

We Brunched at Doe Does as planned. They got us right in and seated in the back room which we almost took completely up. The coffee flowed freely and the service was pretty good. Rob rated his Brunch a 9.25 and Rick rated his a 9.6 as they cooked him french fries exactly the way he wanted.


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