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Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. We decided to do Snell Isle as we hadn't in quite a while. It was good to see Ginnie, Rick, Sandy & Glenn again. Welcome back. As we rolled towards the Snell Isle bridge we saw a disturbance in the water. It was about 3 to 5 Manatees playing. However they were a ways off the seawall and you couldn't seem them too well. Did our group picture on the Snell Isle bridge. Thought about doing a new route through Snell Isle but knew we would get lost as Jeff B didn't come so we did the old route. Naturally we had to stop and wake up Kim and Joel. They were sweet considering our disruption and joined us for a picture. Dee indicated we almost did 10 miles. We had 3 bicyclists. Rob H and Steve G renewed their Sponsorship. Thanks guys for the support.

We Brunched at Munch's as planned. Ginnie and Rick got there first and got us the big table. Service was a little slow and the coffee flowed only on occasions. Rob and several others decided on a 9.25 rating.


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