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Ginnie and Rick Brunch

It would seem the 2nd day of autumn would be cooler but today that was not the case. Humidity was running summer levels. Everyone gathered at Ginnie's house anticipating the brunch. Seems we had to skate first. This was a new route and was well worked out by Gin and Rick. Smooth and level. 10 mile loop through the Mainland and Gateway area of Pinellas Park was very enjoyable.

After the 10 miles everyone was ready to enjoy the great food and company. There were no disappointments in either. Welcome to the absent skaters: Allen B and little Alexander, Wendy and her husband David, Barb and her friend (sorry I left my notes somewhere), Joe W, little Alexander’s brother Benjamin and mom Kathy B came by after the skate as did Debora B. Ginnie and Rick put out a great spread and super hospitality.

Ginnie sent us two recipies to share: Egg Casserole and Overnight French Toast.



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