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Main St. Dunedin

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. It was around 70 degrees with a little breeze out of the East. Just about perfect. There was some concern about parking as there was an Arts & Craft show on Main St. Some how our normal parking lot was still empty. It was a little difficult getting to the parking lot but all made it. Absentees Phil, Paula, Jeanine and Wendy came. Pete brought a friend Lorraine. Welcome all. We headed North to Honeymoon Island as usual. We took a group picture at Main St. but due to circumstances, it was with a cell phone. Okay but not too good. Our normal picture at the Honeymoon Island entrance was much better. Forgot to ask Dee for the distance but Rick indicated it was 10.8 miles. We had 6 bicyclists. Chris W, Pete K, Glenn & Sandy R renewed their Sponsorships and Sandi B and Michael R became Sponsors over the last week. Thanks everyone for the Web Site support.

We Brunched at Iris's as planned. We got right in and seated at 4 tables. The lady getting us seated, bringing water and menus was some where on another planet and we were beginning to wonder. However we ended up with a regular waitress that had it all together and ordering went about normal. Rob was sitting at another table and I missed getting his rating. The food at our table was pretty good (the muffins outstanding) and I gave Brunch a 9.2. Many of us went back and had a good time roaming the Arts and Craft show.


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