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Taylor Park

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. It was in the mid 50's at 9 AM. A little cool in the shade but nice in the sun. We had 5 or 6 people wanting to do the streets but the majority ruled and we headed South on the trail. Absentees Laura, Dorey Anne, Joseph, Kim F & Glennis came. Glennis brought her daughter Ann and Wendy brought her son Adam as well as Kelly. Welcome all. Most every one did 12 miles. A few did a little further and few a little less. We had 8 bicyclists. We've had a lot of people renewing there sponsorship and new people becoming Sponsors. Since last Wednesday Laura P and Breeze have renewed their Sponsorship. Darry J, Denny I, Ken M, Cindy B, Herman E, John L, and Jess M became Sponsors. Thanks to all for their web site support.

We Brunched at Rob & Amie's as planned. This is the 7th year in a row Amie has had a Brunch to celebrate Rob's birthday. Happy Birthday Rob. Amie was all ready for us a little before 11 AM. She had her usual big selection of delicious food. Knowing about the good food from years past, Deb D, Kyle, Glenn & Sandy and Rick & Ginni came just for the Brunch. Thanks again Rob and Amie for a great Brunch and fun time.


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