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Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. Absentees John L and Susan joined us. Welcome back John & Susan. The rain held off and the sun even came out some and it stayed in the 70's. However the wind out of the SW was blowing at least 30 mph at times. We decided to head north with the wind and do Honeymoon Island. It's lucky we didn't get blown off the bridges. All got a good work out coming back against the wind. Our round trip was about 10.5 miles. We had 5 bicyclists. Rick and Ginnie indicated they were going traveling, have company and would miss the next couple of Sundays. Jeff's sister Carol is headed back up north. Michael E renewed his Sponsorship this week and Nancy G became a new Sponsor. Rob H also renewed his Sponsorship except upon checking the Sponsor list he already had renewed in September. Thanks all for the web site support.

We Brunched at Iris's Family Restaurant as planned. We got right in and seated. However due to bicycle problems, Rick & Ginnie and John and Susan arrived late. Coffee flowed pretty good. Brunch came in shifts due to our arrival in shifts. Rating of the Brunch weren't too good as one end of the table rated their Brunch an 8. The other end had better ratings. We'll give Iris's an 8.3.


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