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Walsingham Park

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. We had 70 degree weather and no wind... pretty nice. We did our usual Walsingham route including the Botanical Gardens. Absentees John & Susan, Roy, Wendy & Adam, Jeff, Rob, Steve and Bruce came. Welcome all. We got into basically two groups. One group did two laps including the Botanical Gardens which was about 8 miles. The other group did 3 laps including the Botanical Gardens which was about 11 miles. The 9 bicyclers out numbered the bladers. That doesn't happen too often.

We Brunched at the Savory Restaurant as planned. They had a big table on the patio waiting for us. It was a perfect day for Brunching on the patio. Service was good with the coffee flowing freely. We got in and out in about an hour. Everyone loved their Brunch and all indicated a 9.5 rating.

Thanks Dee for doing the pictures and write up for last weeks skate/bicycle event.


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