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Pasadena Ave & The Trail

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. We had clear skies, a 10-15 mph SE breeze and it was in the high 70's. The breeze made going East a little more effort than usual but naturally made returning much easier. We had our route pretty much decided upon. East on the Trail to 1st St. and South to The Hanger. Brunch and trace our route back. Everyone managed to get parked on the street at the end of 67th St S and parallel to the Trail. We had some faces that we hadn't seen in a long time: Karen S, Peter & Sherrie and Amy came. Peter skated and seems to be doing pretty good. Vivian & Ken brought Milli and Kristina. Absentees Karen H, Cherie M, Dave, Andrew, Glenn & Sandi came. Welcome all. Brunching in the middle of the skating/bicycling brought out the bicycles as we had 18 bicyclers and just 6 skaters. Dee indicated we did 13 miles. All did the whole route but Vivian and Kens group which we missed at Brunch. Dave A. became a Sponsor. Thanks Dave for the web site support. Thanks to Glenn for suggesting this bicycle/skate.

We Brunched at The Hanger as planned. They got us right in and seated at a big long table. I tried to get them to seat us at several tables so service would be faster but they insisted on one table. Think maybe that was to get a group 20% tip included on the bills. We just had one waitress and she worked hard but it still took her 1 hour and 35 minutes to get us seated, fed, and paid for. Rob rated his omelet just an 8.5 but Dee rated his eggs and gravy a 9.5. We'll give them a 9.


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