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Ft. Desoto via Ball Park

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. Well.... it looked like it might start raining any minute at Ft. Desoto and the wind started blowing 15 to 30 mph out of the NW. It was great skating/bicycling South and East as we did at first. We found this sign where we parked that didn't allow almost anything. Surprised it didn't also include people and breathing. However there was a police cruiser there taking casually to a man with a dog and the policeman didn't mumble about our bicycles or roller blades. Absentees Chris & Theresa and Carol came. Welcome back and don't stay away so long again. With starting a little North of our normal route we all ended up doing 11.5 miles. Coming back was a little bit of an effort but a good work out. We had 7 bicyclers (even Jeff).

We Brunched at Skyway Jacks as planned. They were very busy as usual but we got in, ate and out in less than an hour. Coffee flowed freely. We had ratings from 9 to 9.5 so we'll give them a 9.3.


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