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Long Center

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. It was a nice summer day in the 80's with a slight breeze out of the North. We talked about the route to take and decided to go on the trail to Bayshore Drive and then go up Bayshore Drive North as far as we could and then maybe try the Old Coachman Rd. on the way back if we were up to it. We had a nice group of people and wondered if anyone would show up late as this was the first skate having a Roll Out at 8:30 AM for the summer. As it turned out John L & Susan got lost and missed us and Peggy B. who skated with us a few years ago came late. At least they found us for the Brunch. We got up Bayshore Dr about a mile until the construction started up and we skipped Old Coachman Rd. on the way back. With that we did about 10 miles. It was one of those bicycle days as we had 6 bicyclists and 2 skaters.

We Brunched at The Sunset Grill as planned. They had a table all set up for us but we had to add another table as we picked up 3 more people. The service was pretty good and the coffee flowed freely. The food was good but I would only rate it a 9 for today.


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