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Walsingham Park

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. Was a nice warm sunny day with a breeze out of the SE. Absentees Glenn & Sandy, Michael E and Cindy came. Welcome back all. We did the usual Walsingham Park route with the first time around including the Botanical Gardens. Was a little concerned about taking 10 bicyclers through the Gardens but we didn't see anyone as usual. The Gardens were as beautiful as ever and we stopped for a picture on one of the Garden bridges. We had a group do a full 3 times around for 11 miles and a group do a slightly shorter route for 10 miles. As indicated we had 10 bicyclers.

We Brunched at the Savory Restaurant as planned. They mumbled a little about giving us a reservation but finally did. We got right in and seated at a big long table. Glenn's daughter and her daughter joined us to give a group of 16 for Brunch. Our waitress struggled a little with waiting on us but the coffee flowed freely and we finally got served. The food was good as usual and Rob rated his Brunch a 9.75.


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