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John Chesnut Park

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. It didn't seem as hot as normal as we stood in the shade in John Chesnut Park but it was a different story in the sun. Absentees Dee, John L & Susan and Bill & Kathy came. Bill & Kathy brought daughter, Krissy and Herb brought friends Yvonne & Mike. Welcome all. Bill, Kathy and Krissy skated in the nice and shady park and the rest did the normal 14 mile route we do at John Chesnut Park. Well.... a few did turn around a little short of Keystone Rd. We had a pleasant surprise as we skated/bicycled through John Chesnut Park. We came across two different little deer, just having a good time feeding on the plant life. We had 11 bicyclists.

We Brunched at Eve's family restaurant as planned. They had tables grouped together for us and we got right in. Coffee flowed freely as they gave us our own coffee pot. Service was pretty good and the food very good. We talked about the rating and arrived at a 9.3.


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