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Pink Streets

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. Those attending that missed last week were Glenn & Sandy, Chris & Ginny, Nancy & Michael and Rob H. Welcome back all. We had a pretty good breeze out of the SW and it was a typical warm summer day. We had a few want to do the Skyway Access Trail but most wanted to do the Pink Streets so we did them. Naturally we had to go by Linda and Brian's house in the Pink Streets. Brian came out to see us and up came Linda skating. Of course we got them into a group picture. Tried to stir up some one from Andrea & Stuart's house but failed. We didn't quite make it to Nancy's house but did manage to get in close to 10 miles overall. We had 11 bicyclists.

After about half the people headed to Munch's, we learned Munch's was closed for vacation. With a lot of cell phone calls we finally got people headed for Skyway Jacks. Skyway Jacks was very busy and a few people decided to skip Brunch. The wait at Skyway Jacks wasn't that bad and we got in and out within an hour. The coffee flowed freely and the service and food were pretty good. One table rated their Brunch a 9.2 and the other a 9.0 so we gave them a 9.1.


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