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Wall Springs

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. New attendees from last week were Roy, Janice, Cindy, Susan and John L. Welcome all. We decided to do Wall Springs Park, check out the Springs, take a picture from the top of the 3 story tower, go to the Keystone Rd end, do any trail extension, go to the Trail End sign on the North Spur and return back to the park. The Trail end had been extended about a block along Keystone Rd and you could visualize the Trail going all the way to East Lake Rd. All this gave most of us about a 13.5 mile skate/bicycle route. Fortunately about half the trail was shady and not too hot. Dee came with a bad cold and tried to skate with us but didn't manage much of the route and had to return home. Cindy was in rare form and got up to about 14.5 mph on her skates for quite a distance. We had 8 bicyclists.

We Brunched at Danny Kays as planned. John & Susan went ahead and reserved a big table for all of us. Service was good and the coffee flowed freely. A lot of us had the Ultimate Omelet which was awesome. Rob rated his a 10 and everyone nodded. A Craft show was in progress on the Sponge Docks and several of us had to check it out after Brunch. It was a fairly long walk in the hot sun but we loved it.


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