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Pasadena and the Trail

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. It was a very nice and cool day when we started but did warm up for the blade/bike back. John L and Susan biked up from downtown to meet us at the start. Chris and Ginny biked from Ginny's house to the Hanger and met us there. After Brunch we wandered over to Albert Whitted Park where there were a large group of tents with lots to look at. We thought about doing the Rock Climbing but passed it up. We had 3 bladers and 9 bikers. We did about 14 miles overall.

We brunched at the Hanger as planned. Chris and Ginny got there early and had tables set up for us. Service was a little slow but we got in and out in a little over an hour. The food was okay and we only gave it an 8.9 rating. Next time we think we will try the Dome Restaurant.


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