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Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. The cooler weather is finally here. It was in the 60's today when we started. We also had a little wind to contend with. Absentees Tom, Kim, Delaney and Roy came. Delaney had roller blades on this time. Welcome all. We did sort of what we planned. A group went to 34th St and back for 13 miles and a group made it to the Dome and back for 17 miles. No one made it to 1st Street and back for 20 miles. The wind just made it a little tougher than planned. Andrew F and Carol J became new Sponsors today. Thanks for the web site support.

We Brunched at Doe Does as planned. The service and food were good as usual. The 34th St group ended up at good size table and what was left of the Dome group sat at a little table. Rob and Dee rated their Brunches a 9.5.


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